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  • Sangram Kakad

    Sangram Kakad

    Founder, MTJF - More Than Just Friends

  • Edward & Debra

    Edward & Debra

    Life goes on

  • Kyle Rutkin

    Kyle Rutkin

    Creative Storyteller. Author of She Died Famous. Follow me on Instagram @kmrutkin.

  • David R. Wheeler

    David R. Wheeler

    Journalism professor. Freelancer: @CNN, @TheAtlantic, @NYTimes, @CJR, @Newsweek. A Twitter user once said I need a “throat punch.”

  • Mary Beth Bass

    Mary Beth Bass

    Author of science fiction & fantasy romance novels. Lover of 19th century poetry and 21st century punk rock.

  • Oguzhan D

    Oguzhan D

    Graduate of MSc Management Engineering in the field of Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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