I have been thinking about this a lot lately. As a Gen Xer who sometimes works in the advertising world, I’m surrounded by millennials and older Gen Z’s. It’s baffling to me how ingrained the sellout mindset is in them. Of course they don’t call it “selling out.” But they’ve grown up in a culture where they’re taught they need to have a “personal brand.” They watch YouTube and Instagram influencers who will sponsor anything and anyone that pays them. They watch movies, music videos and shows which are blatantly shilling products. They’re “making it” when they start getting paid for branded posts with #Ad. It’s become invisible to them. I hope we start seeing a resurgence of our generation’s healthy skepticism. I miss it.

Author of NEON EMPIRE, a near-future thriller about influencers, coming out in September 2019 (CCB/Rare Bird Books) http://minhim.al/

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