I was also in ad agencies and had similar experiences in boardrooms while watching presentations from tech companies. They’re a dime a dozen, all tapping into the lax APIs across social, web and apps, selling our data to advertisers. I speak to acquaintances and family members and they’re completely oblivious to how this can be used against us. I’ve personally manipulated the dashboards these companies provide and it’s like something out of Minority Report. I don’t think people will wake up to it for a while unless something major happens, like an enemy state or fascist government using our profiles to hunt down undesirables. It takes a little imagination to see how it can go horribly wrong. Unfortunately most people aren’t willing to entertain the thought.

Author of NEON EMPIRE, a near-future thriller about influencers, coming out in September 2019 (CCB/Rare Bird Books) http://minhim.al/

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