Nietzsche is still, over 100 years later, the philosopher for our time. I discovered him after reading Schopenhauer whose body of work is magnificent and clear-minded. There’s a lot of Eastern philosophy in his work, and for that reason its imbued in a type of pessimism which doesn’t work well with Western thought. Nietzsche, whose writing surpasses Schopenhauer’s, had an artist’s mindset, and was pointing the way out of the darkness. One of my favorite concepts of his is “amor fati,” or the concept of the eternal return, where people are predestined to continue repeating the same events over and over again. It’s a beautiful concept, also inspired by Eastern religion. If your life was destined to repeat itself for eternity, how would you live it, starting from this very moment? It’s the opposite of pessimism, and becomes life-affirming. Love your fate.

Author of NEON EMPIRE, a near-future thriller about influencers, coming out in September 2019 (CCB/Rare Bird Books)

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